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The term "Hybrid Log Home" is familiar within the industry, but these homes are so unique and so rare that the concept generally has not filtered down to the public. What exactly are they? Maybe it would be better to use the concept of "mixed media", and the possibilities are endless. I like to think that this style is more of a "dressed-up" log home, giving it a wide variety of finishes.

When building a hybrid home, you can intersperse round logs with stone, square timbers, stucco or even shingles. You might prefer log on the outside and sheetrock on the inside. One way of doing this is to apply log siding on the exterior, which would be hammered to traditional framing. Another approach can be observed in our current listing on Lower Mountain Road. This is an excellent example of a hybrid log home. The front wall of the home and the garage are full log. The rear, with its wall of windows, is actually framed all the way across. Because of this, you get the best of both rustic and elegant finishes on the interior.

On my first viewing, I was surprised to see beautiful wallpaper on the dining room exterior wall. Did they cover up the logs with sheetrock? It wasn't until I stepped outside that I realized the whole rear wall of the house was framed. In that particular room, you wouldn't know you were in a log home.

However, as you walk through to the great room, you get a whole different flavor. The far wall, built of stone three-quarters of the way up, is enhanced by a grand floor-to-ceiling fireplace showcasing a rounded stone front. This stone wall is actually structural, with its arched doorway carrying through into the room beyond. At the same time, you have a full stone wall in the guest bedroom—the other side of the fireplace—with log walls. On the exterior of the house, stones intersect with logs on the corner, forming a unique juncture.

People wonder if the heating system and roof structure is different in a log home. The answer is no. Whether you are using radiant floor heating or forced hot air, the HVAC system is the same as a regular house. So is the kitchen, bathrooms, and basement. Nonetheless, you'll find that the organic interior surfaces give a warmth to the home that may well surprise you. 
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